Catering Starters

Garlic Twist Tray

24 Pieces of homemade dough twisted and baked with garlic white sauce. Served with homemade marinara sauce on the side.

Zepperoni Roll Tray

20 Zepperoni Rolls with Your choice of Extra Thick Pepperoni, Savory Italian Sausage or Ricotta Cheese layered with garlic white sauce and gooey cheese.

Provolone Wedge Tray

20 Pieces of Creamy provolone with Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs served with Zeppe’s fresh, homemade marinara sauce.

Battered Mushroom Tray

20-35 Perfectly seasoned mushrooms served with ranch dressing.

Twisted Jojo Tray

4 Pounds of Lightly seasoned crispy potatoes wedges.